Sunday, May 16, 2010

SLOSA Road Work at Cayucos

Saturday was SLOSA road work day at Cayucos. With lots of rain falling this year, and increased 4x4 traffic on the hill, lots of new ruts and canyons were created in the road. Though it was till passable, we wanted to fill in the large holes in an effort to keep the road stable, and prevent further erosion. Road work over the years has been mostly done by a few local Hangglider pilots like Bill, Dave De, Keith, Morgan and so on. There have been a few efforts by PG pilots as well, including a large project headed by Bob Osborn. But, as use decreases by Hang pilots, the work on the road has decreased as well. Mostly due to the fact that the paragliding pilots can, and often do hike up (and lack motivation to do road work). However, we ALL want and or need to drive up sometimes, so keeping the road in good condition is a worthwhile project.

I was stoked to see such a great turn out for the work day, everyone was very enthusiastic.

In attendance; Bill Hartwick, Joshua Gwiazda, Jim Wells, Jack Grisanti, Mike Harris, Adam Dobbs, Tim O'Neill, Patrick Eaves and even a visiting pilot, Bruce Bundy!! Keith Emminger also came later in the day to do work.

The crew, using Jack and Tim's vehicles, placed several loads of rock into the road. Later in the day, Keith and Bill worked to cut back the bushes and trees from the road. There is still work to do on the road, face it, it's a never ending job. But we made a lot of progress. Awesome guys, thanks for all the work!! And of course, thanks to everyone who has worked over the years to keep the road up.

After working for a few hours, several of us went to fly Cuesta. The inversion kept us from getting to high, but it was a ton of fun. Adam Dobbs and Bruce Bundy both had their first Cuesta flights, Adam was on his HG.

Oh, I forgot to mention, if you missed SLOSA road work day, you missed the awesome treats and Starbucks coffee!!

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