Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paraglide, Speedride, Speedfly, and more... 2011

Hi All, Sorry it's been so LONG since I've updated the blog. Lots of great, and NEW things coming to WingEnvy. First, we've moved our headquarters!! Our central location is now in Lake Elsinore, CA. Lake Elsinore offers some great training sites, and some of the best XC flying in Calfifornia, and beyond for that matter. We are stoked to be here.

But don't worry, we are still offering courses in SLO county, and we can get you set up in Monterey too!!

ALSO new, will be SPEEDFLYING!! Yes, it's taking over the world, and now is the time to learn. Our course will cover launching, ground handling, and weather. We hear from lots of our skydiving friends that they want to get into this sport. And while jumpers with lots of canopy time will pick it up quickly, and do possess many of the skills necessary to fly speed wings, there is still a saftey gap between what you learn skydiving and flying speed wings. We want to keep all our friends safe, so we will be offering courses for new canopy/glider pilots who want to start in this discipline, AND CROSS over lessons for our skydiver friends. Check back in February for course times!!!

We CURRENTLY offer a full line of SpeedFlying and SpeedFlying wings, and also offer the hottest new addition to the sport, SpeedGlider!! Of course as always, we also offer all paragliding equipment!

It's getting harder to find excuses NOT to get in the sky:) Happy New Year ALL!!