Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paragliding Nose Guard

Yup, a nose guard. Sure, it looks dorky, but better than having to get your nose removed due to cancer, right? The idea isn't new, mountaineers have used these for decades. A local Hangglider in my area was wearing them before I ever started flying, and I can't believe no one shared the idea with me!! A few years ago I was at a comp with Greg Babush, and some of the guys were giving him a hard time. I went to see what the fuss was about, and that's when I saw his nose guard. I instantly wanted one, it just makes great sense! When you're in the air for hours at a time, especially rowdy air, you may not want, or be able to keep reapplying sunscreen. Yes, a hat of some sort to block sun from your whole face would be better...but doesn't always work with your helmet. For me, brims block my view, both of the wing if it collapses, and other pilots I'm thermalling up to. So the nose guard was a brilliant solution. Not to mention, I don't have to slime my nose anymore!

Now Greg said his was made out of kangaroo scrotum, or some similar type of leather...and I didn't have access to that. So I experimented with a few types of leather from my local store. Finding leather that is light and soft so it's comfortable on the skin, and hanging from your glasses, but heavy enough not to flop in the wind is key. I finally figured out what worked. Unless I'm doing acro, it doesn't flop. I LOVE flying with this thing. It used to be an hour or two into a paragliding cross country flight, I would be very conscious of my big nose sticking out into the sun, now I'm relaxed knowing I have protection.

These are not hard to make, I copied my design from Greg's. I couldn't tell you the exact leather I use, because I just show the leather guy, and he supplies me with more, so do some experimenting. I am also selling these for a small amount. If you buy one from me, it will come a little larger than most people will need, and you can easily cut it to size.

Beyond paragliding, I've been using mine for snowboarding, backpacking, cycling, and most importantly, parawaiting:)

SORRY, WE SOLD OUT OF NOSE GUARDS!  THERE ARE NOW SEVERAL COMPANIES THAT SELL NOSE GUARDS ON-LINE THOUGH...and I still HIGHLY recommend using them.  I've heard Beakos are good, but haven't tried them myself.  Thanks to those who ordered, and I'm sorry I'm unable to send anymore out!!!

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